Football Flags

Introduced during the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and right in time for the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship we are presenting the first set of football flag printed balloons. This limited edition of 2 side [...]

Belbal Catalogue 2020

We are pleased to introduce our new catalogue for 2020. Within its pages, you’ll find:– Colour chart 2020 with 3 new and 8 seasonal colours– Balloon and packaging specifications [...]

New Belbal Colours 2020

Following customer’s requests we are launching 3 new pastel colours.These colours will be continually added to the Belbal colour chart and available from February 2020 in all Belbal sizes. [...]

Crystal Soap Balloons

You asked for it. Now it’s here. Belbal is excited to introduce new “Crystal Soap” seasonal colours. 8 new colour are available in all Belbal sizes from October 2019 upon request. Image [...]

New Belbal Catalogue

The new printed Belbal Catalogue 2019 is now available and can be added to shipments on your request. What’s new? The new catalogue covers the entire range of the Wholesale, Premium and Standard [...]

New Colour Chart and Presenter

The new updated colour chart and presenter are here. Printed versions of the colour chart will be provided to all Belbal resellers with shipments starting in May. Presenters will be added on [...]

New Seasonal Colours

Inspired by the French Macarons, our new “Seasonal Colours” work perfectly alone or to complement each other. These pastel colours are available in all Belbal sizes from March 2019 upon request. [...]

New Belbal shipping boxes

Dear valued customer, We would like to inform you that we have changed the colour of our shipping boxes. The dimensions of the boxes will stay the same. Please note that during the transitional [...]

Standard Retail Line Catalogue

This catalogue showcases a complex range of products covering various occasions, whether filled with air or helium. For supermarkets, toy and party shops – all balloons and basic [...]

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