Welcome to Belbal

Welcome to BELBAL,

A year ago our company was acquired by a new generation of shareholders. Since then things have changed for the better at Belbal, so we feel that Belbal deserves a new corporate identity.

The new Belbal logo is an evolution, not a revolution. The name and the colours remain intact, but we have now replaced it with a more modern and fresh look to reflect our view on Belbal: The past was great, but for us this is not enough. We feel that our experienced team and company can do even more, and even better!

Belbal will be increasing the use of the new corporate identity over the coming weeks and months and we will be updating all our company material. Our website will be revised and over time you will notice similar changes to our packaging. We expect the process to take 5 to 7 months and are perfectly happy with our old and new identities overlapping during this period.

We hope you like it as much as we do.
We really do!

Let’s Celebrate!