New Belbal Catalogue 2022

We welcome you to take a look inside our new catalogue and enjoy the very latest Belbal products. It comes with a wide range of products covering various occasions, no matter if inflated with air [...]

Football Flags

Introduced during the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and right in time for the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship we are presenting the first set of football flag printed balloons. This limited edition of 2 side [...]

Standard Retail Line Catalogue

This catalogue showcases a complex range of products covering various occasions, whether filled with air or helium. For supermarkets, toy and party shops – all balloons and basic [...]


ULTRA HI-FLOAT is used to extend the floating time of latex balloons. By coating the inside of the balloon before inflating with helium, the balloon can float up to 25 times longer. ULTRA [...]